our story

Hi everyone!

My husband and I gave up city life and moved to the White Mountains of Northern AZ (the locals call it the High Country).  We started our homesteading journey with the intention of simplifying our lives and to get back to real food and an all-natural way of life.  We raise our own meat and grow a great deal of our own food.  


I started crafting my own soaps and lotions to avoid the chemicals and preservatives in store bought "beauty bars".  (Have you ever read the label on your soap??). I was introduced to Hemp Oil and started using it in my own skincare routine.  I was sold! ..and will never go back.  

Our soaps and skin care products are handcrafted from all-natural or organic ingredients free of synthetic fragrance, dyes, chemicals or petroleum products. No Preservatives used!  Non-GMO, and cruelty free.  Our soaps have only the natural aroma of the ingredients used, natural and pure essential oils, plant butters, and oils.  

All of our products are made with organic Hemp Oil and each batch is formulated with a purpose, a specific skin healing benefit in mind.


"I'd like to personally thank you for choosing our products.  As a small handmade business we really appreciate your support and the opportunity to serve you!"